New Audacity Bootcamp Course at Udemy

I recently started teaching on-line video courses at Udemy. I built a course on podcast editing that I’m calling Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced. Since I’m a podcaster who uses Audacity, that seemed like a good fit. I use Audacity as my audio editing tool. If you or anyone you know is interested in gaining or sharpening their skills in podcast editing, point them to my course:

I used the Mac version of the software in these courses, but they apply to the Windows version as well.

In addition to the Audacity course, I also teach another on-line video course at Udemy on the Zoom H6 Audio Recorder. The Zoom H6 recorder is a popular handheld recorder that can accommodate up to 6 XLR and/or TRS microphones for quality recording. If you use the Zoom H6 recorder as your audio recorder of choice, or just want more information on the Zoom H6, check out my Udemy course using the link below.