My Latest Project

I’ve been busy on a new project that I started in January of this year. It’s a collection of historic images, photos, and video interviews concerning the demolition of a place I used to work near the town I grew up in. It’s pretty much on auto pilot now with the exception of occasional video interviews and regular postings of construction and demolition photos. Check it out:

Just a reminder, you can find my on-demand video course on Audacity editing for podcasters at:

I hope to see you there!

What’s the Difference Between Loudness and Volume?

In the last video I talked briefly about the difference between loudness and the amplify effect in Audacity. Let’s put another piece of the puzzle together by talking about the difference between loudness and volume. I talked about this in a previous video but the question comes up a lot so I want to address it again, emphasizing that loudness is a component of the waveform. These are not the same thing. Loudness is embedded in the waveform and volume is not. Let’s talk about it.

You’ll find my course, Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced, which consists of 6+ hours of on-demand videos by visiting