Welcome to the Audacity Bootcamp

The Audacity Bootcamp is a training ground for podcasters, podcast editors, and podcast producers who use Audacity as their podcast recording and editing software. In addition to posts I make here, I offer on-line courses for Audacity podcasters, podcast editors, and producers. These courses consist of on-demand video lectures, hosted at Udemy.

Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced is for Audacity users at any skill level. As the title suggests, it takes students from beginner topics to advanced editing skills through how-to videos with plenty of examples. What students are saying;

  • “This course was fantastic! This is the best course on Audacity that I have taken on Udemy. Mike has very clear and easy-going style. The lessons are short and to-the-point, no fluff, and full of content.” -SJ
  • “One of the best teachers I have had on Udemy. Thank you” -KC
  • “This has many useful lessons. We have already solved the problems I was running into. My recordings already sound better!” -DM

Zoom H6 Audio Recording Essentials is for those who record using the Zoom H6 recorder and then edit that recorded audio in Audacity or a similar program. What students are saying:

  • “Great resource for Podcasting with the Zoom H6. Detailed and informative class. Saved me time learning about this incredible machine.” -JA

A short description of each course is below as well as a link to my Audacity Bootcamp YouTube channel.

Click the course links for current pricing. I’ve priced these courses low ($19.99) on purpose to fit any budget, but they go on sale regularly and always include Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Click the link that interests you for current pricing. There are videos in each course that can be previewed at no cost to help you make your decision. Once a course is purchased, you own it forever!

Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced

This on-line video course is my all-in-one Audacity editing course that will take you from beginner to advanced editing techniques and consists of 53 on-demand video lectures across 6 hours of instruction. Click the link for more info and to sample the free videos.

Zoom H6 Audio Recording Essentials

I record podcasts regularly using the Zoom H6 recorder. I then import the WAV files I export from the H6 into Audacity for editing. If you have questions about the Zoom H6 recorder, this course is for you. This on-line video course consists of 26 on-demand lectures one hour, 14 minutes of instruction. For more info and to sample free videos, click the link.

Audacity Bootcamp YouTube Channel

Check out my Audacity Bootcamp YouTube channel for how-to videos and up-to-date detailed examples of the many powerful features of Audacity. Be sure also to subscribe not only to my YouTube channel but to my Latest Episodes and Posts here on the Audacity Bootcamp website.