How To Name Tracks in Audacity

Let’s talk about how to name your tracks in Audacity. But more than that, let’s talk about how to turn that name into a label on the track so it’s always visible. This video contains one of my Audacity Bootcamp videos hosted at Udemy. It’s one of several videos in my Audacity Bootcamp course that are available for free preview at Udemy.

Audacity Bootcamp Channel Trailer

Well there’s nothing like putting the cart before the horse or letting the cart pull the horse, but I finally put together a channel trailer for my YouTube channel. They say that’s the first thing you’re supposed to do on your YouTube channel but I’ve always lived a little outside the box. Why change now? Anyway, I finally made a trailer for my Audacity Bootcamp YouTube Channel and here it is!

How to Mix and Render Using Audacity: One Caution

In music production, mixing your edited tracks down to a final track for export is necessary for a number of reasons. While mixing and rendering your podcast tracks in Audacity isn’t always necessary, it’s recommended. For one thing, It gives you a look at the final waveform before it’s exported. Other benefits include more consistency for things like loudness leveling and other mastering techniques. But there’s one caution you need to be aware of if you use mix and render in Audacity.

Let’s talk.

The Audacity Label Track

Let’s take a closer look at the label track in Audacity. In the last video, I showed you one function of the label track in Audacity as a tool for separating groups of synced tracks. In this video, let’s talk about using the Audacity label track as a label track.

Audacity Sync-Lock Tracks

Let’s talk about how to synchronize your tracks in Audacity. Did you know you can create groups of synced tracks in Audacity that are synchronized independent of each other? That’s one function of the label track. Let’s take a closer look…

Be sure to check out my full Audacity course if you’re interested in diving deeper into Audacity for podcasting:

Audacity Bootcamp: Beginner to Advanced.

Zoom H6 Overview

In this video, I share with you the Zoom H6 overview video from my Zoom H6 Audio Recording Essentials class I teach at Udemy. This video is one of several that are available for free previewing of my Zoom H6 course at Udemy. I do all of my podcast and video audio recording using my Zoom H6 and then I export those WAV files into Audacity, where I do all of my post production editing and mastering.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the Zoom H6 recorder, this class may be for you. The course consists of 26 on-demand video lectures and come with Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. Here’s a link to the course in case you want a preview:

Zoom H6 Audio Recording Essentials

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